Video of the Week - 2/18/15

Menominee Nation Protests in State Capitol Over Walker's Refusal to Revisit Casino Decision

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News of the Day - 2/27

Nonpartisan Analysis of Governor's Budget Released

A nonpartisan analysis of Gov. Scott Walker's nearly $70 billion budget proposal released Thursday will serve as the blueprint for legislative debate for the next four months.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau's 559-page breakdown of every piece of Walker's 1,800-page two-year spending plan comes in advance of three days' worth of hearings next week where the Joint Finance Committee will hear from state agencies about their budgets.

The analysis shows that state spending would increase 3.2 percent over two years while 447 full-time state positions, roughly half of them currently vacant, would be eliminated.

Walker's budget includes giving the University of Wisconsin System more autonomy while also cutting $300 million from it and freezing tuition, removing a lid on the private-school voucher program while taking payment for the students from public schools, cutting property taxes slightly, and borrowing $1.3 billion to pay for roads and other infrastructure needs.

The analysis shows that funding for K-12 public schools would remain basically flat over the next two years. But in the first year of the budget, which begins in July, schools would not receive a $150-per-student payment they got this year and that many had been counting on continuing. The money would be restored at a slightly higher level in 2016.

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